HallMonitor has embarked on a strategic partnership with Sports + Vitality in the Netherlands. This collaboration marks a significant step towards introducing digital activity registration solutions in the Benelux.

In recent years, increased pressure on sports facilities as well as a need for better utilisation of both indoor and outdoor facilities have increased the need for data-driven insight into how many people use facilities and when.

HallMonitor and Sports + Vitality have joined forces in a strategic collaboration to introduce digital activity registration in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

HallMonitor has undergone extensive testing and widespread adoption in the previous five years. Today, more than 40 percent of all municipalities in Denmark use HallMonitor. In the Benelux and the Nordic countries alike, there is a continued great interest in HallMonitor, which provides accurate insight into the use of facilities 24/7/365 days a year.

“We believe the timing is perfect. In recent years, interest in digital activity registration has been growing. However, this technology has not been readily available in the Benelux market. Nonetheless, Denmark serves as a promising precedent, showcasing its potential. Our vision is to build bridges, and we are thrilled to launch HallMonitor for this purpose. HallMonitor ushers in a new era of facility management, underpinned by data-driven insights,” says Business Initiator Arno Hermans, co-founder at Sports + Vitality.

Sports + Vitality has closely monitored HallMonitor since its inaugural prototype testing in 2019. During that period, a delegation from the Netherlands paid a visit to Denmark to learn more about digital activity registration. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sports + Vitality has witnessed increased interest from local governments and municipalities.

With HallMonitor, Danish municipalities have achieved remarkable success in boosting the utilisation rate of facilities by 10 percentage points or more within a single year. With a population of more than 200,000, Odense Municipality experiences evident pressure on facilities due to population growth. HallMonitor makes it possible to increase utilisation rates throughout the day at any given facility. Consequently, users are assuming greater responsibility for the use of allocated times, ensuring facilities are used to capacity. Moreover, politicians are increasingly relying on data as a cornerstone for making informed policy decisions, particularly evident in infrastructure projects.

Peter Jørgensen, Export and Product Manager at HallMonitor look forward to the collaboration and emphasises:

There are numerous parallels between Denmark and the Benelux extending to the maturity in adopting software and services, which closely align. With Sports + Vitality, we have secured a partner with extensive networks in both municipal and sports sectors. This partnership is optimal, and we are confident that, together, there is a great chance of success.”