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Collate activities at local governance facilities with booking and energy systems 365 days a year

HallMonitor Insight affords precise insight into the use of facilities and user numbers 365 days a year, and is able to collate data from booking and energy systems. Nuanced insight into the utilisation of the facilities of the local area.

Who uses your facilities when? Are there repeat non-attendances og unused booked reservations? HallMonitor Insight is a data gathering and visualisation platform.

While HallMonitor Sensor reports how many users are present at a given time, HallMonitor Insight is able to collate data sources with such things as booking and energy systems. This reveals whether hall reservations are being used and affords qualitative insight into the utilisation of the facilites, as there are more people when playing, for example, handball, than there are when playing badminton.

  • Data is, for example, able to reveal repeat non-attendances from booked hall reservations, and where potential improvements can be done.
  • You will learn if the capacity is utilised optimally and are able to ensure a fair allocation of access to the facilities.
  • With precise data and analyses, you are are able to strengthen the dialogue with the users concerning the usage and utilisation rates of all facilities.
  • Capacity analyses are able to support political decision-making regarding larger investments into new sports facilites and resource-application.
  • Avoid expensive construction projects and disappointed users with no hall reservations. Strenghten the collaboration with neighbouring local governance areas to utilise sports facilities optimally across local area borders.
  • Adjust the energy use after use of the facilities. Examples include earlier nocturnal lowering of temperatures and moving of activities to lessen the energy consumption the rest of the day.

How HallMonitor Insight works

HallMonitor Insight integrates with and automatically updates data from HallMonitor Sensor, booking systems, and energy data.

Reports are shown in Microsoft Power BI, where it is easy to look at the various facilities in the local area.

HallMonitor Insight consists of two parts: A data-warehouse platform managed from the technical dashboard and a Power BI visualisation platform, visualising the data collated by the data-warehouse platform.

Want to have a look at how HallMonitor Insight works? Book a demo. It takes about 30 minutes to have the platform demonstrated online.

Integration with the booking system WinKAS

Integration with WinKAS ensures that the tallying of persons are combined with the specific booking for the specific club.

Installation and guidance

We analyse the coverage needs and guide you through the setup of HallMonitor.


Write our support directly or open a ticket in our support portal.


Return units which e.g. have been subject to vandalism or broken.

Trade shows and events

HallMonitor continuously participates in trade shows and events. We are happy to share experiences and refer to studies of digital activity registration.


We know how important it is to be able to share experiences. Join our community and be invited to our semi-annual seminar.

Exchange of experience

Get even more out of your HallMonitor investment. Contact us to join a dialogue with local governance areas already using HallMonitor.