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Utilise all sports facilities optimally 365 days a year

The idea behind HallMonitor is to digitise activity registration in sports halls, artificial grass pitches, and other places where data on capacity-utilisation is needed.

HallMonitor Core is the system collating, controlling, and displaying data from all HallMonitor Sensors installed in facilities in the local area.

With HallMonitor Core, you are able to set up your units with names, recording frequency, and opening hours as well as use test images to see if the unit is installed correctly. In addition, you are able to control the unit reporting to receive emails about your units.

HallMonitor Core does not provide clear images, but solely blurred images. You are able to control the degree of blur to a certain level. Regardless of which type of sensor is used, the users will never have access to sensitive personal data.

HallMonitor can be set up to send a weekly report by mail.

  • Only registers activities
  • No surveillance
  • No sensitive personal data (solely HM3)
  • No need for a data registration agreement

HalMonitor Insight collates data from several systems

HallMonitor Insight affords a deeper insight into data. HallMonitor Insight is a plugin for HallMonitor Core, which allows integration with such things as booking and energy systems. It reveals wether hall reservations are used and affords a qualitative insight into the utilisation of the facilities, when, for example, there are more people present when playing handball than when playing badminton.

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Installation and guidance

We analyse the coverage needs and guide you through the setup of HallMonitor.


Write our support directly or open a ticket in our support portal.


Return units which e.g. have been subject to vandalism or broken.

Trade shows and events

HallMonitor continuously participates in trade shows and events. We are happy to share experiences and refer to studies of digital activity registration.


We know how important it is to be able to share experiences. Join our community and be invited to our semi-annual seminar.

Exchange of experience

Get even more out of your HallMonitor investment. Contact us to join a dialogue with local governance areas already using HallMonitor.