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Digital activity registration

Gain precise data for behavioural regulation

Facility management

Do you experience a heavy run on your sports facilities?

HallMonitor provides an accurate insight into the use of facilities 24/7/365 days a year. Result: Optimum utilisation of facilities, fair allocation of hall and track reservations, and happier clubs and users.

Significant reduction of manual tasks

No more manual tallying of users at sports facilities – a both time-consuming and imprecise method, which always only delivers a snapshot.

Complete oversight of sport hall utilisation

Automated activity registration affords insight into the actual year-round use of sports facilities and are able to reveal fluctuations week by week throughout all seasons.

Improved dialogue with users

With accurate data 365 days a year, you are able to improve the dialogue with the users concerning the usage rates of all facilities as well as the allocation of reservations.

Efficient utilisation of capacity

With optimum capacity-utilisation, more users are able to make use of the facilities in the local area – a fair allocation throughout the year.

Fact-based political decisions

Capacity-analyses are able to support political decisions in connection with larger investments in facilities and resource-application.

Insight into data from several systems

Data-gathering and analyses 365 days a year from things such as booking systems make it easy to identify potential improvements.

Save on energy and operating costs

Adjust the energy consumption depending on the usage of the facilities. As examples: Lower the temperature at night or move activities to reduce the energy consumption in the unused part of the day.

Strengthen the collaboration

Avoid expensive building projects and disappointed users without reservation. Strengthen the collaboration with neighbouring local governance areas to utilise the facilities optimally across governing borders.

Create the foundation for a healthy life

With easy access to sports facilites for clubs and users, the foundation is in place for an active life - mental health, well-being, and prevention of lifestyle-diseases for children, youths, adults, and the elderly.

HallMonitor in your local area?

More and more local governance areas make use of digital activity registration

More local governance areas make use of data to optimise the utilisation rates of facilities and as a foundation for political decisions. HallMonitor is used by e.g.

  • Sport halls
  • Artificial grass pitches
  • Mountain bike trails
  • Fitness facilities
  • Playgrounds
  • Skating/ice hockey rinks
  • Meeting rooms
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Do you also want to ensure optimum use and fair allocation of your facilities?

Jakob Lose

Founder & CEO

Helena Wolf Spaanheden

Business Controller and Analyst

Peter Jørgensen

Export & Product Manger

Klaus Vestermark

Operations Manager

Our customers say

HallMonitor affords the data foundation to create tangible improvements


local governance areas




measurements a day

Brian Worm Ahlquist

Head of Culture, Leisure, and Citizen Services
Holbæk Council

“It is in our interest to increase the utilisation rate. Each year, we spend many millions of kroner to operate the facilities, and it is not good enough that up to 30 percent of bookings are not realised.”

Rune Bille

Center for Leisure and Public Information
Odense Council

“We have gained an effective overview over the use of our facilities, updated hour by hour throughout the council area. This has afforded us with new opportunities to optimise the operation of our many facilities.”

Jakob Kloster Pedersen

Project manager
Lyngby-Taarbæk Council

“We now have a far better starting point for the allocation and the adjustment of reservations. Today, we have reasonable “primetime” times to be reserved and not solely less attractive times Saturday night and Sunday afternoons.”

Rasmus Vestergaard Tander

Leisure Consultant
Odense Council

“Being able to present raw data to our politicians is a game-changer. We are actually able to verify how much run there is on our facilities and the request for more reservations does not rely on guesswork.”

Anders Hørberg

Sports and Leisure Consultant
Kalundborg Council

“We now have concrete data on the utilisation of our facilities. There is a great interest in reservations, and we would like to accommodate as many users as possible.”


Research and facility-development

Learn how other local governance areas optimise their facilities

Articles & news

Gain insight and knowledge

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