Measuring sports facility utilisation

With HallMonitor you can easily keep track of usage across halls, venues and courts

The solution consists of…

HallMonitor unit

Mounts easily on the wall

The unit takes a picture every half hour and submits it for analysis. The unit has its own cellular data connection and only requires power to operate.

Edge based analysis

Automatically counts number of people

GDPR compliant design deletes all original pictures immediately after processing. Only data values and blurred picture copies are stored.

Online reporting tool

Collects and presents the data

Enables both instant overview and indepth analysis. Also features weekly email reports to select recipients.

Used by municipalities and sports associations

“It is in our interest to increase the utilization level. Every year we spend millions of crowns running sports facilities, and it is not satisfactory that up to 30% of bookings are not being used”
– Brian Worm Ahlquist, Head of Culture, Leisure and Citizen Service Center at Holbaek Municipality. From Jyllands-Posten (details)

”With HallMonitor we now have an clear understanding about the utilization of our individual sports facilities. Updated hourly throughout the municipality, this gives us the opportunity to optimize the administration of all our facilities”
– Rune Bille, Head of Leisure and Public Information, Odense Municipality



Roskilde (details)

Kalundborg (details)

Køge (details)

Furesø (details)

Silkeborg (details)

Hillerød (details)


Holbæk (details)

and 30+ more

HallMonitor helps municipalities in three ways

Improving dialog

Strengthens the dialog between sports associations, facilities and the municipality about the usage, utilization and distribution of sports facilities.

Optimizing administrative work

Ensures a better understanding of the use of facilities, for the purpose of optimizing the administrative operations and development.

Qualifying political decisions

Creates a broad set of data to help qualify political decision making about future capital investments and resource prioritization.


We are regularly met with various questions about the solution and have collected the most frequent ones here.

How often does the unit take a picture?
The HallMonitor unit will take two pictures per hour. One picture 15 minutes past the hour and another 45 minutes past the hour. It can also be set up to take 4 pictures per hour.

Can the blurred pictures be made sharp again?
No, once the original picture has been processed, a blurred copy is created and the original is deleted. This process cannot be reversed.

How long does it take to analyse the pictures?
The analysis is done in less than 30 minute, and the results will then be immediately available.

Can HallMonitor be used for video surveillance?
No, HallMonitor has been designed to perform activity measurement, by counting the number of people at a given time. The system uses still pictures, which are subsequently blurred and cannot be used for videosurveillance.

Is a data processing agreement requied?
Yes, as HallMonitor temporarily holds personal data on behalf of our customers, a data processing agreement is required.

Can HallMonitor be integrated with booking systems?
Yes, we have an API with metadata (number of people, time and facility) that can be integrated with booking systems etc. Contact us for more details

Can the customer decide when the system should operate?
Yes, it is possible to set the start and finish time on each unit.

International sales and support

HallMonitor can be shipped internationally within 14 days and installed within an hour.

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