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Furesø Council

  • Optimisation of the utilisation rate of the sports facilites in council’s area.
  • 37 sensors in sports halls and artificial grass pitches.
  • 2023
  • Denmark

Furesø is able to check whether halls and pitches are used

Furesø Council is ready to do digital activity registration in all sports facilities to follow the capacity utilisation and optimise the utilisation rate of the sports facilities in the local area.

When hall and pitch reservations in the future are to be allocated among the clubs in the Furesø area, a new data foundation is able to help with better utilisation of the facilities. This makes for greater opportunity for the clubs.

During the summer of 2023, Furesø Council has installed and tested the activity and registration and analysis tool HallMonitor and integrated it with the booking system WinKAS, affording the council precise data for the allocation of hall and pitch reservations going forward.

“We used to have to present and do manual counts on a piece of paper to figure out how many people used the facilites. But we have now upgraded and calibrated our HallMonitor sensors in the facilities, ensuring they are tallying precisely, and we can do the counting digitally. As a result, we are able to reveal faster whether the facilities are utilised optimally throughout the year and better allocate hall and pitch reservations between the clubs,” says Henrik Arp, Furesø Council.

Fair allocation

Furesø Council is a local governance area in Greater Copenhagen with a wide array of sports facilities, managed centrally. Here, a good mix of old and traditional facilities to modern stadiums are available. As in any other local governance areas, the council here experience that some clubs are gaining members, while other retreat or close entirely. At the same time, seasonal fluctuations with more intense run on the indoor facilities during winter.

“As the need for hall times shifts, HallMonitor can be used to gain an overview of the utilisation rate of the specific hall. This way, we will quickly be able to see where times are available, or we can see if it makes sense to relocate a club from one hall to another to meet the request for more hall times.”

A problem sometimes occurring, is that clubs adamantly hold on to their booked times. In these specific cases, having the statistics makes the world of difference.

“In these cases, we can enter a dialogue with club and say: Thursday afternoon we can see you are not using your reservation. We have a new club who can use that,” Henrik Arp says.

More play and less waste on artificial grass pitches

A sport more popular than ever in Furesø is football, with both old and new clubs gaining memberships. This, in turn, has generated great interest in the artificial grass pitches in the local area, where football can be played year-round. To allow for more play and less waste for everyone, HallMonitor has been installed outdoors.

“We have football clubs focusing on the elite, and others focusing on the breadth. They all want times for their members. Especially here, HallMonitor can help gain an overview and aid in allocating the reservations optimally. Not least, if the clubs are in the process of considering whether to accept new members in the coming season,” says Henrik Arp.

Dialogue across the council borders

With detailed activity registration within the local governance area, HallMonitor can also be used for a greater perspective, coordinating with the surrounding areas. According to Henrik Arp, the allocation of hall times across the areas, might save on the expense of constructing new facilites in a council’s area and be part of a green policy.

“There is a clear potential in entering a dialogue with the neighbouring areas. In Furesø, we might have some unused capacity, which means clubs in the other areas are able to access those, and vice versa. It is expensive to build and operate a facility, and it produces a lot of CO2, so if we are able to utilise the capacity a little better, it is a win-win for all parties.”

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“We have football clubs focusing on the elite, and others who wants something else. They all fight for times for their members. Especially here, HallMonitor can help solving conflicts and allocate times fairly.”
Henrik Arp
Technical team, Furesø Council