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Monitor facilities indoors and outdoors

HallMonitor consists of HallMonitor Core and connected sensors. HallMonitor Sensor registers activity in halls, artificial grass pitches, and anywhere else you might want to quantify the activity.

At set times, the HallMonitor Sensor registers how many people are present at a given location at a given time. It could be the number of handball players in the hall or on artificial grass pitches outdoors. Only a power connection is needed, as the unit uses its own LTE connection.

Overview of Hallmonitor Sensors

HallMonitor 1: Tallying pass-through traffic

HallMonitor 1 is battery powered, and is therefore well suited to registering traffic on mountain bike trails and similar outdoor activities. The unit can be operated on battery in up to 2 years before replacement.

HallMonitor 2: Monitoring of sports hall activities (discontinued)

HallMonitor 2 is used for photo recording and uploaded to a cloud solution where the photo is analysed and anonymised to make it impossible for users to gain access to photographic data. Requires a data processing agreement.

HallMonitor 3: Monitoring sports hall activities (Edge computing)

HallMonitor 3 records photographs, process them, blur the photos, and sends anonymised data to the HallMonitor Core backend, which then presents the data to the end-user. This unit does not require a data processing agreement, as sensitive personal data never leaves the local area.

HallMonitor 4: Monitorering of sport hall activities (the newest upgrade)

HallMonitor 4 works along the same principles as HallMonitor 3. This unit comes with upgraded hardware and software, making it possible to manage and maintain the system much better. This translates into higher operational reliability and lower operational costs, as well as doing much more sophisticated photo analyses in the future. HallMonitor 4 is expected during 1st quarter of 2024.

HallMonitor Insight collates data from several systems

HallMonitor Insight delivers a deeper insight into data. HallMonitor Insight is a plugin for HallMonitor Core, which is able to collate data sources such as booking and energy systems. This reveals whether hall reservations are utilised and affords a qualitative insight into the utilisation of the facilities as more people are present when for example playing handball compared to badminton.

Frequently asked questions about HallMonitor Sensor

1. How often does the sensors register activity?
HallMonitor sensors register activity twice an hour – typically a quarter to the hour and a quarter after the hour. The sensors can be adjusted to do more or fewer registrations per hour.

2. How long does it take to analyse the data?
The analysis is done in less than 30 minutes, whereafter the result is available.

3. Can HallMonitor be used for video surveillance?
No, HallMonitor is solely designed for statistic measurements by tallying the number of people present at a given time. Neither authorities nor others will be able to extract useable photographic data for surveillance.

4. Is a data processing agreement necessary?
No. HallMonitor does not process sensitive personal data on behalf of our customers. As a result of this, a data processing agreement is not necessary.

5. Can HallMonitor integrate with booking systems?
Yes, we offer an API with meta data (number of persons, time, and facility) which can be integrated with booking systems et al.

6. Can we decide ourselves when the system is active?
Yes, each unit can be adjusted by the customer as to when each units starts and stops.

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