With the certification as AWS Partner, HallMonitor confirms its commitment to next-level security and user management.

We are proud to announce that HallMonitor is officially certified as AWS Partner (Amazon Web Services).

In recent years, HallMonitor has experienced rapid growth. We have invested heavily in both product development and the hiring of new, highly skilled employees. This AWS recognition marks a shift to a higher level of security and architecture, and provides HallMonitor with access to a wide range of resources for further development and strategy.

HallMonitor’s certification as AWS partner marks an important milestone for our company. It is a quality stamp on how we handle security and user management. It also strengthens our commitment to delivering products that can increase trust in HallMonitor,” says Jakob Lose, founder and CEO, HallMonitor.

With this certification, HallMonitor’s latest product, HM4, is now officially available on Amazon – one of the world’s largest Cloud Computing platforms. As part of the partnership, HallMonitor adheres to AWS Best Practices. This means that the architecture behind HM4 is built to the highest standards, with the HM4 being more operationally stable than its predecessor and delivering high uptime on devices and in the cloud.